Unable to Login after Creating Initial Admin Account Using tabcmd initialuser

Published: 14 Feb 2018
Last Modified Date: 13 Mar 2018


After creating the initial admin account using the command line tabcmd initialuser, logging into the web interface results in the following error on Tableau Server on Linux

"Invalid username or password."

Additionally, the password contains a special character such as $.


  • Tableau Server on Linux 10.5.0
  • Linux


Option 1

When setting tabcmd initialuser, use single quotes instead of double quotes to ensure all special characters are treated as literals.

Option 2

If the password has already been set, the options to resolve this issue are the following:
  • Log in using the password as interpreted by the shell, as indicated in the "Root Cause" section of this article. You may then change the password to one of your choosing.
  • Or, redeploy, paying attention to special characters in the password and making sure to use single quotes to enclose the password.
  • Or, contact Tableau Technical Support to schedule a manual reset of the password.


In Linux, singe quote is used to represent a literal, where variables cannot be used, but double quotes can use variables.

In Linux $ is used to represent variables in the shell.  

In order to set a password with a $ as anything other than the last character, you need to use single quotes around the password for tabcmd intiialuser. Otherwise, everything starting with the $ will be removed from the password, or replaced by the contents of a matching variable.

password is actually: my
password is my$password
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