Unable to load Favorites Workbooks When Using "/workbooks?favorites=yes" URL syntax After Upgrading Tableau Server

Published: 03 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 19 Jun 2017


After upgrading from Tableau Server 8.2 to Tableau Server 10 (and later versions), the favourite workbook do not load when using a URL similar to the following: 



Tableau Server


Option 1

Update the URL to the following syntax: https://<servername>/#/workbooks?favorite=true

Option 2

From the Workbooks tab located at https://<servername>/#/workbooks, select the Only my favourites.


The correct syntax to filter by favorites (workbooks, views) in Tableau Server will differ depending on the version. For example:
  • Tableau Server 8.2: http://<servername>/workbooks?favorites=yes
  • Tableau Server 10.1: https://<servername>/#/workbooks?favorite=true

Additional Information

You can verify the correct syntax for your version of Tableau Server by following the steps below:
  1. From http://<servername>/workbooks?favorites=yes
  2. Select the Show only favorites option.
  3. Note the URL change (for example: https://<servername>/#/workbooks?favorites=yes&favorite=true)
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