Unable to Keep Some Filters when Using Reset Filter Button

Published: 27 Jan 2017
Last Modified Date: 12 Aug 2020


  • Tableau Desktop


Option 1: 
  1. On the Filter shelf, right-click the filter you do not want the reset button to effect.
  2. Select Apply to Worksheets > All Using This Data Source
Option 2:
If it is necessary to keep the filter only to certain worksheets, but not others, create a new filter using a calculated field:
  1. Give the calculated field an appropriate name, and put a boolean formula in its body that emulates the function of the filter that you want to preserve when the reset button is pressed, for example:
    • If you wish to exclude value(s) from a specific dimension: [Dimension]="Value you wish to exclude" then set the filter to False.
    • If you wish to keep or exclude a range of values: [Measure]<=max value AND [Measure]>=min value
  2. On the Filter shelf, replace the original filter with your new calculated field and set it to True or False as needed.
  3. If you want to apply the filter to multiple worksheets, right-click it on the Filter shelf and select Apply to Worksheets > Selected Worksheets
  4. Edit the filter action for the reset button, and ensure that the target fields for the filter action include the original field, but not the calculated field you just created. 


Action filters can reset quick filters, whether or not the quick filter has controls visible. Setting a filter to apply to All Worksheets Using This Data Source prevents the action filter from resetting it. 

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