Unable to Impersonate with Microsoft Analysis Services Data Source

Published: 07 Apr 2014
Last Modified Date: 15 Mar 2018


You cannot impersonate as Run As User when connected to a Microsoft Analysis Services data source.


  • Tableau Server
  • Microsoft Analysis Services


Use one of the following workarounds.

Option 1

When connecting to the data source in Tableau Desktop, select the Use a specific username and password option, and then republish the workbook to Tableau Server. This will allow users to enter their own Active Directory credentials when accessing views on Tableau Server and edit the workbook layout in Tableau Server, without removing the filter that dictates what data the user has permissions to see. For more information, see Requiring Per-View Authentication for Microsoft SSAS in the Tableau Knowledge Base.

Option 2

In Tableau Desktop, add user filters to the workbook, and then republish the workbook to Tableau Server. For more information, see the following topics and articles: Note: Users with web authoring permissions might be able to remove user filters. To fully secure the data, see Securing User Filters for Web Editing and Data Server in the Tableau Knowledge Base.


The ability to use Impersonation with a Microsoft Analysis Services data source is not currently available in Tableau Server. Unless the Use a specific username and password option is selected when connecting to the data source, Tableau Server will use the Run As User account credentials. 

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