Unable to Fix Width (or Height) for Some Containers in Dashboard

Published: 30 Nov 2021
Last Modified Date: 30 Nov 2021


For some containers, the [Fix Width(Height)] icon shows up and the size can be set.
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For some containers, the [Fix Width(Height)] icon does not show up.
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  • Tableau Desktop


Place the container under the Horizontal or Vertical Container in a nest.

You can adjust the size (width or height) of objects (worksheets, containers, etc.) placed in horizontal or vertical containers, and the icon will be displayed.
Horizontal containers allow you to resize the width of the views and objects contained in them.
Vertical containers allow you to adjust the height of views and objects.

Please see the attached workbook for details.


Worksheets and containers placed under [Tiled] cannot be adjusted in size, and the [Fix Width] icon is displayed by design.
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