Unable To Find The Certain Data Field To Set A Relationship Between 2 Salesforce Objects

Published: 30 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 05 Jul 2023


If 2 obejcts have 2 data fields with the same Field Label, the data field of the second added obejct will be gone from the data fields. 
e.g. When setting a relationship between Account with AccountHistory, if AccountHistory is added after Account, Account ID cannot be found in AccountHistory, because Account also has a data field calls Account ID.


  • Tableau Desktop


When a data field of the second added obejct has the same Field Label with a data field of the first addd object, the data field name of the seconded added object will be changed to <API Field Name>(<Object name>) automatically.
Search for <API Field Name>(<Object name>) manually in the second added object to set up the relationship.
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