Unable to Find a Tableau Public Author Profile Via Search

Published: 26 Feb 2016
Last Modified Date: 05 Sep 2017


You are unable to find a specific Tableau Public author profile via the Tableau Public search even though the profile exists, can be linked directly, and has published a few visualizations.


Tableau Public


As a workaround, manually add the URL for the profile page to the Google search Index. To submit the URL to Google, please use the following link: Submit URL to Google Link.


This behavior is related to a known issue (ID: 608092) with the search in Tableau Public and our team is aware of this issue. This behavior is specifically due to the profile not appearing in the Google search index, which Tableau Public partially uses for searching.

Additional Information

When adding the profile URL to the Search Console, the following error message might occur: 
The URL you entered is invalid. Please make sure you have typed it correctly and that it uses the proper syntax and try again.
To resolve this issue, please remove the "#!/" characters at the end of the profile URL and resubmit the URL. For example: 
  • Instead of submitting:<>#!/
  • Please submit:<>
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