Unable to Filter Dashboard Without Filtering Underlying Worksheets

Published: 20 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 05 Oct 2017


When you apply filter actions or quick filter selections on a dashboard, the underlying worksheets are also filtered.


Tableau Desktop


To filter the dashboard without filtering the worksheets on the dashboard, use the following workaround:
  1. For each worksheet used in the dashboard, right-click the worksheet tab, and then select Duplicate Sheet.
  2. In the duplicated worksheets, on the Filters shelf, remove all filter actions. Filter actions begin with the word Action.
  3. On the Filters shelf, right-click all fields, and then select Apply to Worksheets > Only This Worksheet.
When you make filter selections on the dashboard, the newly created worksheets will not be affected.


The ability to filter a dashboard without filtering its component worksheets is not currently built into Tableau Desktop. 
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