Unable to Export All Data to PDF on Dashboards with Scroll Bars

Published: 03 Jun 2013
Last Modified Date: 08 Feb 2019


When you try to export to PDF from a dashboard that includes scroll bars, the resulting PDF might include only visible data.


Tableau Server 


Use one of the following workarounds.

Option 1:

Export to PDF (print to PDF) from a worksheet rather than a dashboard. You can do this on Tableau Server or Tableau Desktop.

Option 2:

  1. Open the dashboard on Tableau Server, and then click Edit.
  2. Select the download icon located in the icon ribbon and select PDF.
  3. In the Export PDF dialog box, make the following selections, and then click Download:
  • Layout: Portrait
  • Content: Sheets in Dashboard
  • Paper Size: Unspecified
  • Scaling: Automatic


By design, when using a dashboard, only the part of the view shown on the screen can be exported to PDF.
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