Unable to Edit Location for Geographic Group Field Values

Published: 09 May 2018
Last Modified Date: 06 Jan 2020


When using a geographic group, the "Edit Location" option does not have the group values available for edit, but only allows the editing of the underlying data.

For example:
All 50 states are grouped into timezone regions and placed on the map assigned to states that are in the center of each polygon. 
Right-clicking and selecting "Edit Location" in Tableau Desktop 9.3 and earlier versions would allow you to edit the location for Pacific, Central, Mountain, and Eastern as well as the grouped states.
In Tableau Desktop 10.0 and later versions, when right-clicking a group mark and selecting "Edit Location", all state values appear for editing, but none of the grouped values.


Tableau Desktop


As a workaround to customize the group locations, use a calculated field that follows the format below:

IF [group]="Group Name" THEN "<geographic location to map the group to>" ELSE [group] END

Note: A single calculation like the one above will work with data that has geographic roles, I.E. Country, State, Postal Code. In order to map a group field to a latitude and longitude, two separate calculated fields would have to be made for latitude and longitude and used in place of the generated latitude and longitude values.


This behavior is expected.
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