Unable to Drill Up Date Hierarchy

Published: 30 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2018


After drilling down on a date hierarchy in a view on a dashboard, it might not be possible to drill back up from the axis.


  • Tableau Desktop 10.0 and earlier versions
  • Tableau Server 10.2 and earlier versions
  • Continuous date field


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 10.1 or Tableau Server 10.3. For more information, see Upgrade Tableau Desktop and Upgrade Tableau Server.

Please note that drilling up is not available from the pill in the Rows/Columns but from the axis itself.
User-added image

Option 2 

For older versions, replace the continuous date field with a discrete date field:
  • Right-click the date field again and select a date from the first set of options:
User-added image
Note: Selecting Discrete or Continuous options on this menu will only affect how the date is displayed, not the type of date that it is.


Before Tableau Desktop 10.1, it was not possible to drill up on continuous date fields. 
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