Unable to display images that requires authentication with Image role in Tableau Desktop

Published: 27 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 27 Jun 2023


Unable to display images with the URL target that requires authentication such as Salesforce, SharePoint, etc with Image role on Tableau Desktop.


  • Tableau Desktop



Publish the workbook to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server and view the workbook on a browser.
If you are viewing it in a browser that is already logged into a service that requires authentication, you can view it because access to the URL is processed through the browser.
Note: *Client-Side Rendering required.


Tableau must be able to access the images with the URL target without authentication. Authentication is not supported.

Additional Information

When exporting pdf or image, Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server can not include images requiring authentication because all exports and export-related features are processed with server-side rendering.

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