"Unable to connect to the file" after upgrading to Tableau Server 2023.1.7 or newer

Published: 29 Jan 2024
Last Modified Date: 29 Jan 2024


After upgrading to Tableau Server 2023.1.7, extracts which included file-based data are failing with the error:
Unable to connect to the file "E:/Program Files/Tableau/Tableau Server/data/tabsvc/temp/backgrounder_1.20231.23.1011.0410/TableauTemp/FAKEPATH-0r5otia13s7z5818boz671rpt6ir". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.

This also impacts the Live connections to external files.


  • Tableau Server 2023.1.7 or newer


As of October 2023 Tableau Server releases, default file-based access behavior has changed. Previously, Tableau Server allowed authorized Tableau Server users to build workbooks that use files on the server as file-based data sources (such as spreadsheets). With the October 2023 releases, access to files stored on Tableau or on remote shares must be specifically configured on Tableau Server using the setting described here.

This setting allows you to open up access by the Run As Service Account to those directories that you specify.

To configure access to shared files, you must configure allowlist functionality. This lets the Run As service account to access just the local directory paths, or shared directories where you host data files.

  1. On the computer running Tableau Server, identify the directories where you will host data source files.

    Important Make sure the file paths you specify in this setting exist and are accessible by the service account. If the paths are not accessible when the computer starts, Tableau Server will not start.

  2. Run the following commands:

    tsm configuration set -k native_api.allowed_paths -v "path" , where path is the directory to add to the allowlist. All subdirectories of the specified path will be added to the allowlist. If you want to specify multiple paths, separate them with a semicolon, as in this example:

    tsm configuration set -k native_api.allowed_paths -v "c:\datasources;\\HR\data"

    tsm pending-changes apply


This is due to the design change in Tableau Server October 2023 releases.
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