Unable to Connect to DB2 with Custom SSL Certificate

Published: 14 Nov 2019
Last Modified Date: 17 Nov 2019


When connecting to a DB2 database that uses a custom SSL certificate, the following error may occur:

[IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30081N A communication error has been detected. Communication protocol being used: "TCP/IP". Communication API being used: "SOCKETS". Location where the error was detected: "<IP address>". Communication function detecting the error: "recv". Protocol specific error code(s):"10054", "*", "0". SQLSTATE=08001


  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • IBM DB2
  • Windows


The ability to connect to DB2 with Custom SSL Certificate is currently not available in tableau Prep Builder.

As a workaround, use a .tdc file to specify the custom SSL certificate file:
  1. Open the .tdc file in a text editor, such as Notepad, replace {filepath} with the file path for the custom SSL certificate file, and then save the change.
  2. Copy the edited .tdc file to Documents\My Tableau Prep Repository\Datasources
  3. Restart Tableau Prep Builder to apply the change.


There is currently no option to specify the custom SSL certificate file in the IBM DB2 connector dialog in Tableau Prep Builder.
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