Unable to Connect to Cognos

Published: 23 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 15 Sep 2020


Unable to connect to a Cognos .mdc cube file from Tableau Desktop.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Cognos cube (.mdc file)


The following workarounds will sometimes allow you to connect to a Cognos cube.

Option 1:

Use the Other Databases (ODBC) connection to connect to Cognos and create a data extract.

Warning: Although it may be possible to connect to Cognos using the Other Databases (ODBC) data connection, success often varies, and full compatibility with Tableau features cannot be guaranteed. Refer to the following resources for additional information about the capabilities and limitations of connecting to unsupported data sources using ODBC:

Option 2:

Move the data from the unsupported data source onto a supported data source, such as SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle, and then connect to the database using the supported data connection. 


The ability to connect to Cognos from Tableau Desktop is not currently supported. 
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