Unable to Backup Tableau Server Directly to AWS S3 Bucket

Published: 16 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 02 May 2017


You are unable to backup Tableau Server with tabadmin directly to an AWS S3 bucket. For example: tabadmin.exe backup "s3//bucket_name/file_name" -d


Tableau Server
AWS CLI (run separately from tabadmin)


Use tabadmin to make the backup, then use the AWS command line utility to copy the backup file to a bucket. For example, in a batch file:

tabadmin backup "C:\TabBackups\MyBackup.tsbak" 
cd "C:\TabBackups"
aws s3 cp MyBackup.tsbak s3://MyBucket/

Please note this is an example and the formatting and commands will be different in your environment. 


You cannot call another executable (AWS CLI) with arguments from inside a tabadmin command.
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