Unable to add Saved Snowflake Credentials in Tableau Cloud

Published: 25 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Snowflake credentials cannot be added on Tableau Cloud.

In the "My Account Settings" section of Tableau Cloud the "Saved Credentials for Data Sources" section has an option to add a Snowflake credential.

If you click on "Add" next to the Snowflake option, the link does not respond. If you select  "open in new tab" it diverts to a blank page and it is not possible to add the Snowflake credential.

User-added image


  • Tableau Cloud 2020.1.2
  • Snowflake


As fix for this issue has been released to Tableau Cloud pods from 9th March 2020.


This issue has been resolved, you should be able to successfully add Snowflake credentials without experiencing this issue.
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