Twbx file size is unnaturally large when using wildcard union.

Published: 02 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 03 Mar 2023


Packaged workbook (twbx) size is unnaturally large when wildcard union is used.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Microsoft Excel


Option 1:

Exclude all files not needed in the workbook out of the directory that is subject to wildcard union.

Option 2: 

Input appropriately the file name you want to target for wildcard union. If necessary use the wildcard character, which is an asterisk (*), to match a sequence or pattern of characters in the Excel workbook
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When using wildcard union, all of the files that match the specified pattern in the directory is included in the twbx file even though some of them may not be used in the workbook, which may impact the size of the twbx workbook. 
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