TSM initialization failed with the error Exceeded max number of login attempts for user XXXX while using Active Directory as identity store

Published: 17 Oct 2023
Last Modified Date: 18 Oct 2023


During the fresh installation of Tableau server, TSM initialization is failing with following error :
One or more services failed to reach their expected state, tabsvc: Failed to reach requested state. Current state: INSTALL_FAILED Error Message: java.lang.RuntimeException: Exceeded max number of login attempts for user XXXX.

Unable to initialize TSM.


  • Tableau Server 
  • Windows 


Once you select Active Directory as the identity store we will get the below prompt, provide the domain name and NetBIOS name

User-added image
After that select User Account and then enter the user name and password for the Run As Service account. Make sure that the credential is correct.

User-added image

Note: Specify the domain name as domain\account, where the domain name is the NetBIOS name of the domain where the user resides.

Re-initialize the TSM


Initialization failed because the wrong credential was provided for the Run As Service Account. Tableau is unable to find the Run As Service Account in the Active Directory.

Additional Information

For all Active Directory scenarios, we recommend updating the Tableau Server Run As service account with a domain user account. Update the Run As service account to a domain user account when data sources accessed through Tableau Server require Windows NT integrated security or Kerberos.

If you have deployed a distributed deployment of Tableau Server, then you can update the Run As service account with either a domain user or a Windows workgroup user. In either case, you must use the same user account for all server nodes.

Run As Service Account

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