Trailing full width spaces are not trimmed when publishing the workbook on Tableau Server

Published: 16 Feb 2023
Last Modified Date: 27 Feb 2023


When there are full-width (Japanese) spaces at the end of the field names, rendering results may look different on web browsers when publihsed on Tableau Server and on Tableau Desktop.

Before publishing in Tableau Desktop.
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After publishing on Tableau Server.
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  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop
  • (Japanese) full width/size space


Below are possible workarounds:

1. Use server rendering. add "?:render=false" at the end of the view's URL

2. Remove full-width spaces from underlying data.

3. Use REGEX function in Tableau to remove the trailing spaces in field names.
   example: REGEXP_REPLACE([<name>], ' +$', '')


This is by design. Due to the differences in processing the full width spaces with Tableau and the web browsers, the rendering result is different when there are full width spaces at the end of the field names. Full size spaces at the end of the field names are trimmed/ignored in Tableau Desktop. 

Additional Information

Data soure on csv looks like the following when there are trailing spaces at the end of the field names.

User-added image
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