ATR Activated Tableau Server with Several Product Keys Having Different Expiration Dates May Cause All Product Keys To Disappear

Published: 28 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 29 Jul 2022


Using the ATR activation method and having product keys with different expiration dates, the Tableau Server can become unlicensed.  When one of the keys expires, all keys can disappear.


  • Tableau Server
  • ATR Activation


Please note:  Tableau Server licenses should all have the same end date.  If they do not, please reach out to your Tableau Account Team to resolve this incorrect configuration.

While you wait for the account adjustment, if one of your product keys is approaching its expiration date, follow the steps below to deactivate all product keys.  Deactivating just the key(s) about to expire will not resolve this issue.  All keys must be deactivated and the non-expiring keys added back.
  1. Login to TSM Web UI to confirm the earliest expiration date of the product keys.  This will assist when adding licenses back in step 3.
  2. Follow the steps below to remove/deactivate all the product keys.  
Tableau Server 2021.3 and Earlier

Follow the steps described on Tableau Help to remove all the product keys from Tableau Server:

Tableau Server 2021.4 and Later

Follow the steps described on Tableau Help to deactivate all the product keys from Tableau Server:
Remove product keys that were activated using Server ATR
  1. Reactivate all the other product keys that do not have the upcoming expiration date.


This behavior is related to a Known Issue, ID 1428670, that is currently under investigation.
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