Error "To open this view, you must sign in to the database that the view uses" Opening Published Workbook

Published: 14 Feb 2015
Last Modified Date: 15 Aug 2017


When opening a published workbook that connects to Microsoft Analysis Services or Microsoft SQL Server using the Viewer Credentials authentication option, the following message might appear with a login prompt:

To open this view, you must sign in to the database that the view uses.


  • Tableau Server
  • MS SQL Server
  • Microsoft Analysis Services (MSAS)
  • Kerberos authentication


  • Verify that Viewer Credentials is the chosen authentication option when publishing. For more information, see Embedding Passwords and Authentication.
  • Verify in Active Directory that the Delegation tab for the Tableau Server Run As User is configured as follows: 
    • Verify that the Tableau Server Run As User Service Principal Name (SPN) matches the server name in the connection properties of the workbook or data source. For example, if the workbook is connecting to:, verify that the Run As User has one of the following SPNs added to the Delegation tab: 
      • For Microsoft SQL Server: MSSQLSvc/
      • For MSAS: MSOLAPSvc.3/
    • Trust this user for delegation to specified services only is enabled 
    • Use Any authentication protocol is enabled. 
  • Verify that there are no duplicate SPNs which match the server name by running the following command: setspn -X


  1. The Viewer Credentials option was not selected at the time of publishing
  2. The SPN for the SQL Server is not configured correctly for one of the following reasons:
  • The server name in the connection properties for the workbook or published data source does not match a Service Principal Name (SPN) granted to the Tableau Server Run As User for delegation.
  • There are duplicate SPNs. As a result, Active Directory automatically defaults to attempting to connect to the database anonymously.
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