Time Difference Between Set Time and Run Time For Schedules

Published: 01 Jun 2018
Last Modified Date: 12 Oct 2020


When setting time for schedules to run in Tableau Server, you may notice that there is a mismatch between:

  • the set time
  • how the next run at times show
  • when the schedules show as running on Tableau Server

For example, when setting the time for a schedule to run 8am daily, Tableau Server will show that the schedule will "Next Run At" 11am, or shows the schedule last ran at 11am. 


  • Tableau Server


Ensure to consider the difference in time zones between the client/browser machine and the machine hosting Tableau Server when creating or modifying schedules.


When creating a schedule, the options on when to run the schedule are shown in the time zone of the machine hosting Tableau Server. The times of "Next Run At" is shown in the time zone of the client/browser machine.
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