The 'Server port' field of the 'Edit Connection' window under the Connections tab of a published data source is ignored for Microsoft SQL Server

Published: 22 Nov 2023
Last Modified Date: 29 Nov 2023


The port number field is being ignored by Tableau Server while editing the connection on Microsoft SQL Server published data sources.


  • Tableau Server 
  • MS SQL Server


  • Do not fill in the port number if you are connecting on the default port of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • To connect to a non-default port, use the <server name>, <port number> format when entering the server name. 
MS SQL Server


When you edit the connection for a published data source, a generic pop-up will show the port number field. It's important to know that any port number you enter that will be ignored for Microsoft SQL Server. Your connection will be successful every time if you connect on the default port, making the specified port number in the box not matter.

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To connect to a non-default port, use the <server name>, <port number> format when entering the server name. For example, ExampleServer, 8055.

Additional Information

This is specific to MS SQL Server connection, for other data sources that specifies the port number upon connecting via Tableau Desktop, you can use the the port number field to edit or test the connectoin on Tableau Server. 
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