The Ability To Freeze a Specific Row

Published: 29 Mar 2022
Last Modified Date: 30 Mar 2022


Cannot freeze a specific row.


  • Tableau Desktop


Creating separate sheets to display only the data you want to freeze and the other data, and placing them on the dashboard.

1. Connect to Sample - Superstore.
2. Change the name of sheet to "Freeze" from "Sheet 1".
3. Drag [Category] to Columns.
4. Drag [City] to Rows.
5. Drag [Sales] to Text.
6. Drag [City] to Filter Pane > Push 'None' > Check "Akron"
    //Assume this time that we want to freeze Akron's data. 
7.Duplicate sheet "Freeze" and rename it to "Non-Freeze".
8. Right click on "City" in the Filter Pane > Edit Filter > check "Exclude" > OK
    User-added image
9. Right click on "Category" in the Rows > Show Header
10. Right-click on the "City" column of the Crosstab > "Hide Field Labels for Rows"
11. Toolbar > Format > Shading > Set Band Size of Row Banding to the leftmost.
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12. Create a new Dashboard.
13. Set the Object to Floating > Drag the sheet "Freeze" to the dashboard.
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14. Set the Object to Floating > Drag the sheet "Non-Freeze" under the "Freeze".
15. Set the title of the sheet "Non-Freeze" to be hidden.
16. Adjust the position of the sheet "Non-Freeze" to match the position of the "Freeze".
17. Adjust column widths of sheet "Freeze" to match the width of "Non-Freeze".
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This feature is not built in Tableau Desktop yet.
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