The Ability To Filter Data Using Navigation Button On Dashboard.

Published: 09 Feb 2022
Last Modified Date: 10 Feb 2022


How to filter data using navigation button on dashboard.


Tableau Desktop


Currently this feature is not built into the product. As a workaround you can solve the problem by using the action filter.

The procedure is as follows:

<Create button sheet>
1. Connect to Sample Superstore
2. Drag and drop the dimension you want to use to the Columns. (In this case I use [Region])
3. Create a new calculated field with the following settings.
     Name : Dummy
     Calculation : IF COUNT([Region]) > 0
                          THEN 1
4. Drag and drop [Dummy] to the Columns.
5. Right-click on an axis > Edit Axis
6. Choose the range ‘Fixed’ and set is as follows.
        Fixed start: 0  ,  Fixed end: 1.
7. Right-click on axis and dimension names > Click show header to hide it.
8. Drag and drop [Region] to Label.
9. To center the text, click Label and set around the placement.
10. Create a new sheet, also drag and drop [Region] to Columns and [Sales] to Rows.
11. Create a new dashboard, also drag and drop sheet1 and sheet2 to the view.

<Setting actions>
12. Click Dashboard in the toolbar. > Actions 
13. Add Actions > Filter > Set as following.
      User-added image


This feature is not built in Tableau Desktop yet.
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