The ability to center the crosstab on the story.

Published: 09 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 12 Dec 2022


Crosstab is not displayed left aligned and not displayed in the center in the story.

<Current behavior>
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<Desired behavior>

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  • Tableau Desktop


The workaround is to create two dummy sheets and place the dummy sheets on either side of the target sheet.

<STEP 1>
-Create a crosstab view

1. Connect to Sample Superstore.
2. Drag [State] to Rows and [Sales] to Text on Marks.

<STEP 2>
-Create DUMMY sheets and dashboard

3. Create 2 new sheets named 'DUMMY1' and 'DUMMY2'.
4. Create a new dashboard.
5. Drag DUMMY1, Crosstab, and DUMMY2 to the dashboard in that order
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6. Delta mark for "DUMMY1" > Title
   //Title is hidden.
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7. Apply step 6 to DUMMY2 as well.
8. Adjust DUMMY1 and DUMMY2 widths so that crosstab appears centered.

<STEP 3>
Create a Story

9. Create a new Story and drag the Dashboard.



This feature is not built in Tableau Desktop yet.
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