Text Renders As Square Boxes Instead Of Expected Non-English Characters

Published: 07 Sep 2017
Last Modified Date: 06 Jan 2021


A text in a view becomes full of squares after publishing this view to Tableau Server, and the expected characters that were formatted and displayed correctly and nicely in Tableau Desktop can no longer be seen. 


  • Tableau Server on Linux
  • Non-English text


Work with the Server Administrator or your IT team to perform the steps below:
  1. Install NOTO CJK fonts or another font package that contains the missing glyphs
  2. Run [tsm stop] command to shut down Tableau Server.
  3. Reboot Linux OS.
  4. Run [tsm start] command to start up Tableau Server.


Computers display squares instead of characters when they do not have an appropriate font containing the specific letterform or glyph.

Lacking the correct symbol, they display the square to indicate that a letter is there. The view that Tableau Server is rendering contains text using a glyph that is not included among the fonts installed on Tableau Server's host operating system.

Additional Information

  • When Server-side rendering, Tableau Server requests the Noto-CJK package (or another font package, like Google NOTO-Thai) from the EPEL repository during installation. If a Linux system is not allowed to install packages from the source of the Google NOTO-CJK font package (or another font package) during the installation, a message is output warning that the package will be needed to display extended character sets. The package (or another font that contains all the glyphs used in the published content) needs to be installed on the server. 
  • The issue may not happen when Client-Side Rendering.

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