Taco Based Connectors Validation Fails On Mac Os

Published: 09 Dec 2021
Last Modified Date: 12 May 2023


Taco based connectors fails to connect with a Package signature verification error code on MacOS:
There was a problem while running the connector plugin. Reinstall the plugin or contact the plugin provider.
Note that you might need to make local configuration changes to resolve the error.
Error Code: 14D18B1F
Package signature verification failed during connection creation.


  • Tableau Desktop on Mac OS
  • Tableau Desktop 2021.3.4
  • Tableau Desktop 2021.2.5 
  • Tableau Desktop 2021.1.8
  • Tableau Desktop 2020.4.11


Upgrade to any current version of Tableau Desktop.  The update was contained in the maintenance release in December of 2021.

Workaround if using an older version of Tableau Desktop:

Start Tableau Desktop by disabling the signature verification for tacos with the following option -DDisableVerifyConnectorPluginSignature=true



This issue has been resolved in all current versions of the product.  The Release Note is under ID 1352822 and resolved in the December update in 2021.
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