Tableau Server Upgrade to 2018.2 Fails at 14% When Service.backup.pgonly is Set to True

Published: 11 Sep 2018
Last Modified Date: 02 Oct 2020


When trying to upgrade 2018.1.4 to 2018.2.1, the upgrade fails at 14%.

Searching the Tableau Server logs you may find:
service.backup.pgonly: true
2018-09-02 16:56:45.096 -0700  Curator-LeaderSelector-0 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.webapp.asyncjobs.AsyncJobService - Running job 12 of type InitializePreTsmServerJob
2018-09-02 16:56:45.252 -0700  Curator-LeaderSelector-0 : WARN  com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.util.ZipUtils - Exception unpacking file asset_keys.yml from backup D:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\files\backups\backup.sql error in opening zip file
at Method)


  • Tableau Server 2018.2.1


Option 1

From the 2018.1.x installation change the setting to "false" by running the two tab commands and following the steps below:
  1. tabadmin set service.backup.pgonly false
  2. tabadmin config
  3. Uninstall tableau server 2018.1.x
  4. Run the tableau server 2018.2.1 upgrade installation
  5. Run the upgrade script automatically

Option 2

Another alternative is to perform a complete 2018.1.x backup, then restore this backup file to the new 2018.2.1 installation.


Because "service.backup.pgonly" is set to "true", the previous server installation is performing a postgres only backup. The 2018.2.1 upgrade then fails because it does not find the complete backup file, but the backup.sql file instead.

This is a known issue that is fixed in Tableau Server 2018.2.5, 2018.3.2 or later. 
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