Tableau Server Repository Does Not Start After Modifying Cluster Controller Timeout Setting

Published: 25 Jan 2017
Last Modified Date: 26 Jan 2017


After modifying the clustercontroller timeout setting for Tableau Server's Postgres repository, Tableau Server and its Postgres repository may not start. Additionally,  the following error may occur in the clustercontroller logs:
WARN  : com.tableausoftware.cluster.postgres.SpawnPostgresRunner - Monitoring thread for the master instance didn't start. Trying failover...
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Window size must be at least 1


Tableau Server


Set the clustercontroller.pgsql_connection_timeout_ms setting to 60000 or less with the 'tabadmin set' command.

For example, open a command prompt as an administrator, navigate to the Tableau Server bin folder and enter the following commands:

tabadmin stop
tabadmin set clustercontroller.pgsql_connection_timeout_ms 36000
tabadmin config
tabadmin start

The maximum value for this setting is 60000.  The default setting is 3000.


If the clustercontroller.pgsql_connection_timeout_ms setting was set to a number greater than the maximum allowed value (60000)
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