Tableau Server Redirects Downloads to Localhost When Workbook or Data Source Name contains "login"

Published: 15 Jan 2016
Last Modified Date: 29 Jul 2016


When you try to download a workbook or data source from Tableau Server, the request is redirected to localhost and produces an SSL certificate error. 


  • Tableau Server 9.1.10, 9.2.8, 9.3.3 and earlier versions
  • SSL enabled
  • Single node installation


Option 1: 

Upgrade to Tableau Server 9.1.11, 9.2.9, 9.3.4 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Server

Option 2: 

Change the name of the workbook or data source so that the string "login" is no longer a part of the URL.


This behavior is a known issue which has been corrected in more recent versions.

Additional Information

This behavior can occur even when the actual display name of the workbook or data source does not contain this string, if the string is broken up only by spaces or special characters, which are removed by Tableau Server in order to generate the repository_url.

For example, if a workbook is named log (internal), Tableau Server will convert the name to "loginternal" when converting it to a URL. The resulting URL contains the string "login", and will produce this behavior.
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