Tableau Server Ports Changed to 8000 and Higher

Published: 10 Jun 2015
Last Modified Date: 12 Nov 2020


All Tableau Server gateway are reassigned to port 8000 and higher in both "tabsvc.yml" and "workgroup.yml"

Additionally, some of the following issues might occur:
  • When you try to restart Tableau Server, Postgres and/or the Data Engine will not start
  • Postgres might not be accessible via port 8060
  • Tableau Server will start, but Internal Server errors occur because some wgservers and vizqlservers are unreachable.


  • Tableau Server
  • Firewall


For Tableau Server (Windows) 2018.2 and above or Linux, run the following commands in command line:
  1. tsm topology set-ports -n node1 -pn gateway -pv 80
  2. tsm pending-changes apply​​​​​​

For Tableau Server on Windows versions 10.5 through 2018.1, run the following commands in command line:
  1. tabadmin stop
  2. tabadmin set <port setting name> -d  
  3. Enter a list of the ports to change, one port per line.
  4. tabadmin configure
  5. tabadmin start


  • Tableau Server is designed to check ports before starting components. If desired gateway port(s) are occupied, another port is assigned from 8000 range permanently (both config files are changed).
  • Normally you cannot "start" Tableau Server if it is already started. However if something happened to "tabsvc" process (e.g. terminated manually or crashed), then it is possible to start Tableau Server while the rest of the processes are still running.
  • If the scenario above occurred and Tableau Server was started for the second time, a new set of processes is created. Since previous processes are still running, ALL ports are busy and thus permanently reassigned in the configuration.
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