Tableau Server page shows as insecure, embedded dashboard does not load, and site can't be reached error after publishing to Tableau Server

Published: 15 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 20 Sep 2023


In Tableau Server versions released in May 18, 2023 to August 1, 2023 (see Tableau Server Releases), the URL that Tableau Server generated so that the Tableau Desktop user can see the published Workbook/Data Source in their browser had a different server address that isn't covered by the SSL Certificate, leading to the site being shown as insecure. The URL of the Tableau Server changed from the DNS of the application to the hostname of the primary node where Tableau Server is installed when a workbook/ data source/ dashboard is published from Tableau Desktop.

Due to this issue, some users are unable to load embedded dashboards, redirected to an incorrect URL after publishing, or bookmarks are no longer working.  Tableau Server URLs (ex. workbook, data source, etc.) may fail to load with "IP address could not be found" or "This site can't be reached" message.
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  • Tableau Server versions:
    • 2021.4.18 - .20
    • 2022.1.14 - .16
    • 2022.3.6 - .8
    • 2023.1.2 - .4
  • Tableau Server users access Tableau Server using a domain name that isn't the primary node hostname. This will be true if you are using a reverse proxy, a load balancer, or even an DNS redirect for Tableau Server. 


Option 1: Upgrade Tableau Server to one of the following versions (see Tableau Server Releases)
  • 2021.4.21+
  • 2022.1.17+
  • 2022.3.9+
  • 2023.1.5+

Option 2: Update Public Domain Name in

To resolve the issue, the public domain name that users use to reach Tableau Server needs to be set in so that Tableau Server will generate URLs with the correct domain name. 
To see what the current values are for and gateway.public.port, run the following TSM commands.
tsm configuration get -k
tsm configuration get -k gateway.public.port

To update the values use the following tsm commands. You will need to substitute in the correct public domain name for Tableau Server. For instance, if your users reach Tableau Server by using the following URL then you will want to set the to "".
tsm configuration set -k -v <Tableau Server Public Domain Name>
tsm configuration set -k gateway.public.port -v 443
tsm pending-changes apply


This behavior is related to a Known Issue that is now fixed. More information can be found on the Salesforce Known Issue website with ID W-13671399.
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