Tableau Server on Windows Server 2016 Becomes Unresponsive or Unlicensed

Published: 18 Dec 2018
Last Modified Date: 11 Feb 2021


Tableau Server on Windows Server 2016 displays various issues, including: 

  • Slow or failed scheduled jobs 
  • Tableau Server becomes degraded 
  • Tableau Server becomes unlicensed 
  • Visualizations render more slowly 

Additionallly, ClusterController and/or Backgrounder logs may contain the following error:
"Caused by: Unable to establish loopback connection"


  • Tableau Server
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Firewall 
  • Live Connections to Data Sources


Set Tableau Server Resource Manager (SRM) to poll less often - In earlier versions (pre March 2019 Maintenance releases) the recommendation is to poll every 10 seconds instead of the default 1. In later versions (post March 2019 Maintenance releases) the recommendation is to poll every 20 seconds instead of the default 10. 

In some scenarios, often involving large environments, the polling interval may need to be increased beyond 20 seconds. We recommend increasing in 10 second intervals but not exceeding 60 seconds. The value should be set to the lowest value that delivers a solution as unnecessarily large values may negatively impact performance.

If the issue continues with a setting of 60 seconds we recommend contacting Tableau Support for further analysis.

Note: This solution requires restarting Tableau Server. 

For Tableau Server 2018.2 and newer versions:

Open a command prompt as an administrator on the node where TSM is installed and enter the following commands:

tsm configuration set -k native_api.check_interval_seconds -v 10 --force-keys
tsm pending-changes apply


For Tableau Server 2018.1 and older versions:

On the primary Tableau Server node, open a command prompt as an administrator and enter the following commands:

tabadmin set native_api.check_interval_seconds 10
tabadmin config
tabadmin restart


Under certain load characteristics (loading workbooks with many live connections for example) a Tableau Server node can have a number of processes posting and listening to Tableau Server Resource Manager (SRM) broadcast messages. Future releases of Tableau Server will have less frequent SRM polling configured by default. 

Additional Information

This solution is currently recommended for all Tableau Server installations running on Windows Server 2016. 
If you would like to validate whether the issue you are currently experiencing matches this article, check the below. 
Check that Windows Firewall service is running: 
  1. Click Start, then type “services.msc”
  2. scroll down to “Windows Firewall”
  3. check that status is “Running”
Check for "Unable to establish loopback connection" in the Tableau Server logs. 
Check that Windows Event logs do not contain event IDs 4227 or 4231. These event IDs point to ephemeral port exhaustion. If you are experiencing port exhaustion issues, see Tableau Server Port Exhaustion Problems.

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