Tableau Server multiple processes are in error state with error "Missing port configuration value for key 'gateway.port'"

Published: 11 Jan 2023
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2023


Multiple processes are in error state on Tableau Server multi nodes cluster.


  • Tableau Server multi nodes
  • Windows Server 


  • Connect to the affected node .
  • Open the command prompt and go the specific services path.
  • Ex:<installation_path>/data/tabsvc/services/flowprocessor_<Version>
    Execute the script file by following sequence
    • disable.cmd   (This script will stop the Process)
    • uninstall.cmd  (Uninstall the specific process)
    • install.cmd      (Install the Process again)
    • enable.cmd   (This script will start the Process)
  • Please follow the above steps for remaining processes that are in error state (Extract Service and Data Profiling)
  • After executing the above steps wait for 2-5 minutes and see the Process status by executing "tsm status -v"

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