Tableau Server is Not Supported on RedHat Enterprise Linux 8

Published: 23 Sep 2021
Last Modified Date: 24 Sep 2021


RedHat Enteprise Linux 8, Oracle Linux 8, and Centos Linux 8 are not listed as supported operating systems for Tableau Server. 


  • Tableau Server for Linux
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 8, Oracle Linux 8, and Centos Linux 8


Install Tableau Server on a currently-supported version of Linux as listed in Tableau's Technical Specifications, such as RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.x, Centos 7.x, or Oracle Linux 7.x.

Additional Information

A future version of Tableau Server will be fully supported on RedHat Enterprise Linux 8. At that time, Tableau will update our Technical Specifications and also mention the change in What's New in Tableau Server for the first version of Tableau Server to ship with RHEL 8 support.
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