Tableau Server "forbidden action" error when accessing through Web Application Firewall

Published: 05 Sep 2018
Last Modified Date: 03 Jun 2019


When viewing published workbooks, the following error may occur:

forbidden action 

Note: This occurs even when the user is the Server Administrator role.


  • Tableau Server
  • Linux & Windows


Configure firewall such that two ports are accessible to external traffic: gateway port and the tabadmincontroller port

Additional information on Tableau Server for single, multi and additional node environments can be found here:

Note: See below for default port numbers:

  • gateway port - 80, if SSL is enabled 443
  • tabadmincontroller port - 8850 




Gateway port and tabadmincontroller port may not be open, which will block users from viewing published workbooks.

Additional Information

Incoming traffic in Windows Firewall by

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