Tableau Server - Embedded Dashboards not Loading

Published: 16 Nov 2015
Last Modified Date: 03 Aug 2017


Embedded Tableau Server reports would not load until Tableau has been restarted.


  • Tableau Server 9.1.0
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Amazon AWS EC2 instances containing primary and multiple workers.
  • Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancer
  • Embedded views/dashboard
  • Trusted Authentication


One of the following steps will resolve the issue:
  • Remove the AWS Elastic Load Balancer from the environment.
  • Replace the AWS Elastic Load Balancer with a load balancer that does not use dynamic IP addressing.


The Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancer product, by design, does not have static IP's and can change IP(s) arbitrarily.

When these IP addresses change they no longer match the list of trusted hosts in the Tableau Server wgserver.trusted_hosts setting in workgroup.yml. Further trusted ticket requests from the load balancer will be rejected until the new IP address is added to wgserver.trusted_hosts.

The user experience will be negatively affected because all previously working embedded views or dashboards that are accessed via trusted authentication will stop rendering.
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