Tableau Server does not Allow Click Through an Empty Floating Layout Container

Published: 11 Apr 2018
Last Modified Date: 27 Jul 2018


In Tableau Server 10.3 and prior versions, dashboards created in Tableau Desktop with an empty floating container in front of another layer on a dashboard, then published to Tableau Server, would allow you to click through that empty floating layout container. Tableau Desktop would not allow this behavior, but Tableau Server would.

In Tableau Server 10.4 and later versions, the behavior of Tableau Server was aligned with the behavior of Tableau Desktop and this functionality was removed.


Tableau Server 10.4 and above


Depending on how the empty floating container was used, the modifications needed to provide similar functionality will vary.

Option 1

Utilize the Viz-in-Tooltip feature to recreate this behavior. See Create Views in Tooltips (Viz in Tooltip).

Option 2

Add both worksheets to a layout container, so that the filtered out worksheet collapses. See Create a View (Sheet) Selector for Your Dashboard.

Option 3

Add the filter/parameter/legend card and a blank spacer worksheet to a layout container so that the card can be pushed out of sight to hide it. See Unable to Dynamically Show or Hide Parameter Controls, Filters, Web Objects, or Legends.


There has been a change in browser rendering on Tableau Server to align with Tableau Desktop.
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