Tableau Server Data Engine Folder Consumes Entire Disk and Some Processes on Worker Are Down

Published: 07 Jan 2014
Last Modified Date: 17 Nov 2019


Worker machine disk space is full and Data Engine fails to start.


Tableau Server


Confirm Run As User configuration:
  • Run As User permissions on impacted node
  • Services settings on impacted node


Tableau Server Run As user has permission to add Extracts to the Data Engine directory, but does not have permission to reap old extracts. Over time, the disk fills with unreaped extracts until all disk space is consumed and processes fail to run.

Additional Information

If all disk space is consumed, it may not be possible to change permissions settings (due to a lack of disk space). In that scenario, two possible solutions are:
  • In a VM environment: add more disk space to VM image and correct permissions.
  • Remove the worker from the installation, clean re-install the worker software, confirm permissions are correct, verify that old extracts are reaped after refresh.

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