Tableau Server Backup Fails with Internal error processing completeApplyMigrations

Published: 06 Sep 2022
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2023


Tableau Server backups fail with the following error when the --skip-verification option is not selected:

Internal Error processing completeApplyMigrations

In the databasemaintenance_node#.log the error displays as follows:

2022-08-29 12:20:59.285 -0400  db-op-0 : ERROR com.tableausoftware.db.maintenance.migrations.SchemaSignature - Failed to calculate actual schema signature. Exit code 2. Output:
psql: error: FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf entry for host "fe80::1234:abcd:511e:a54c%12", user "tblwgadmin", database "workgroup"


  • Tableau Server 2020
  • Tableau Server 2021
  • Tableau Server 2022
  • Tableau Server 2023
  • Windows Server 2019


Option 1 (Workaround):

Add the --skip-verfication option to create the backup.  

Please note that using this option, allows the backup to be created by not verifying the integrity of the database in the backup.

NOTE: Windows Server 2019 includes changes to IPv6 default configuration behavior which can result in IPv6 being used over IPv4. It is strongly encouraged to confirm the IPv6 Precedence and update the settings as needed per the steps in Option 2 on any Windows Server 2019 environments.

Option 2:

  1. Confirm Temporarily IPv6 is disabled per the following article: 
Identifying and Disabling Temporary IPv6 Addresses
  1. Even if Temporary IPv6 addressing is disabled, the issue remains that the address changed while Server was running and therefore locked the node(s) out of Postgres.  This is an infrastructure (networking) issue, usually related to an IPv6 DHCP address change and/or IPv6 precedence. Refer to the below steps for confirming IPv4 is preferred over IPv6. NOTE: These steps need to be performed on all Nodes.
Use [netsh interface ipv6 show prefixpolicies] command to check the current precedence of multiple IP addresses, and use [netsh int ipv6 set prefixpolicy] command to modify the precedence.

Below is an example where IPv6 is preferred over IPv4.
Precedence   Label  Prefix
----------  -----  --------------------------------
        50      0  ::1/128
        40      1  ::/0
        35      4  ::ffff:0:0/96
        30      2  2002::/16
         5      5  2001::/32
         3     13  fc00::/7
         1     11  fec0::/10
         1     12  3ffe::/16
         1      3  ::/96

To change the precedence to make sure IPv4 is preferred, you need to execute the following steps:
    a) Run [tsm stop] command to stop Tableau Server.
    b) Run the following commands to adjust precedences of IP addresses.
          netsh int ipv6 set prefixpolicy ::ffff:0:0/96 50 0
          netsh int ipv6 set prefixpolicy ::1/128 40 1
          netsh int ipv6 set prefixpolicy ::/0 30 2
          netsh int ipv6 set prefixpolicy  2002::/16 20 3
          netsh int ipv6 set prefixpolicy  2001::/32 5 5
          netsh int ipv6 set prefixpolicy  ::/96 1 4

    c) Reboot OS to flush IP connections and restart Tableau Server administrative services.
    d) Confirm all Tableau Server services are running and [tsm status -v] indicates that Tableau Server is stopped.
    e) Run [tsm pending-changes apply] - (This step is critical, even though there will be no changes to apply)
    f) Run [tsm start] command to start up Tableau Server.

Option 3:

  1. Disabling IPv6 entirely is not strictly necessary but some customers do choose this approach.
NOTE: Tableau Server is required to have Static IP addressing - (See However, if there is some policy of "We absolutely must change IP addresses on some schedule" then Tableau Server downtime is necessary to accommodate updating the postgres IP tables.

Tableau Server IPs Changed and not all TSM Services are Coming Up Correctly


Environmental - Network: IP address changed but not automatically updated in Tableau Server postgresql's pg_bha.conf file, and therefore locks the node(s) out of postgres.

Windows Server 2019, IPv6 default precedences changed from previous Windows Server versions and causes IPv6 traffic to be preferred over IPv4.
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