Tableau Server 2023.3 is Degraded due to NonRelational Storage (NRS) Service Failing to Start

Published: 30 Oct 2023
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2024


After upgrading to Tableau Server 2023.3, Tableau Server is Degraded due to the NonRelational Storage (NRS) Service Failing to Start


  • Tableau Server 2023.3.0-2023.3.1


Option 1

Option 2

  • If version 2023.3.2 cannot be used: As a workaround, disable the NRS process by entering the following commands in the TSM Command Line Interface (CLI):

1. Run the command:

tsm topology set-process -pr nrs -n node1 -c 0

2. Run the command:

tsm pending-changes apply

NOTE: Tableau Server may prompt for a restart.

3. Check to see Tableau Server has returned to a running status after restarting by running the command:

tsm status -v

The status for NRS will now be "running" rather than degraded, and Tableau Server will no longer be in an error state.


This issue is now fixed by the Tableau Development Team under Known Issue ID W-14561356.

Per Tableau Product Help, the NonRelational Storage (NRS) service is a microservice managed and used internally by other Tableau services.

NOTE: The service appears in the CLI but is deprecated. It will be retired (entirely removed) in a future release.
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