Tableau Server 2021.4 Installation with ATR Fails "Unable to activate Tableau Server because you're not connected to the internet"

Published: 19 Jan 2022
Last Modified Date: 27 Mar 2022


When installing Tableau Server, an error is seen indicating the computer running Tableau Server is not connected to the internet and the install fails to complete with the following error:
 "Unable to activate Tableau Server because you're not connected to the internet"


  • Tableau Server 2021.4.0 and later
  • Windows Server 2019


Ensure the computer running Tableau Server has all required internet access available for licensing as outlined in Product Help - Communicating with the Internet

When verifying the internet access, take into consideration if the environment has a Proxy in place. If so, make sure the Proxy configuration is complete prior to the Server ATR activation. See Product Help - Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server

If unable to grant ongoing access to all of the licensing related URLs, refresh the installation of Tableau Server, de-select the Server ATR option, and proceed with the legacy activation method or offline activation as desired.

Additional Information

Starting in Tableau Server 2021.4, when using ATR for the activation method (selected by default), there is a pre-install check to ensure the computer is able to reach the ATR licensing server. This takes place prior to actual activation of the license key. If the check fails, Tableau Server will not complete the installation and instead returns the attached error message advising the connection be checked.

UI Error Message

Example error in the app-install.log:
2021-12-20 15:47:48.487 -0500 main : INFO  com.tableausoftware.installer.operations.VerifyATRServiceOperation - ATR Service is not available.
2021-12-20 15:47:48.501 -0500 main : INFO  com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.cli.Console - 
Unable to activate Tableau Server using ATR for product activation because you are not connected to the internet. Check your internet connection and try again. If you are activating Tableau Server offline, rerun Tableau Server Setup with parameter 'ACTIVATIONSERVICE="0"'.

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