Tableau RMT Connecting to the SMTP Server May Fail After Upgrade to 2022.1 on Linux

Published: 11 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 13 Oct 2022


After upgrading the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool (RMT) to 2022.1, a connection to your SMTP server may fail and no emails are received from the RMT tool.


Tableau Advanced Management, RMT for Linux 2022.1 


The Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool depends on OpenSSL being installed on the Linux host for secure connection negotiations. Request a list of Cipher Suites your SMTP server requires from your IT department.

Follow the article to configure the category (high, medium or low) or a list of specific ciphers that will work with those the SMTP server can use.

After the configuration is complete, reboot the machine if required and retest the SMTP connection from the Admin > Global Configuration > Notifications page. You may need to iterate a few times depending on your SMTP server's security requirements.


The OpenSSL configuration file (openssl.conf) is not configured to use the Cipher Suites that your SMTP server is expecting the client to use.

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