Extract Refresh Fails With Oracle Error ORA-3114

Published: 04 Dec 2015
Last Modified Date: 10 Mar 2017


Refresh of an Oracle extract intermittently fails with the following error:

Oracle database error 3114: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE


  • Tableau Server
  • Oracle


Consult customer IT to resolve the networking issue or Oracle database crash issue that causes the "ORA-3114" error. 


ORA-3114 is an error meaning that the connection between Client and Server process was broken.  In this case Tableau Server is the 'Client' and the Oracle database is the 'Server'.  This is typically caused by a networking issue, but can also be caused by the "EXTPROC" process (a module in an Oracle DB deployment) crashing.
It's possible that the ORA-03114 error can be the result of more than one issue. In this particular case, when the session ID corresponding to the refresh failure was traced to the vizqlserver/logs/backgrounder logs, there was another Oracle error:

{"ts":"2015-12-02T23:59:07.535","pid":8964,"tid":"6170","sev":"warn","req":"-","sess":"6F522976DA6F410BAC40BE4BAC61B65D-0:1","site":"","user":"","k":"msg","v":"throw DataSourceException (type=Unknown): Oracle database error 12805: ORA-12805: parallel query server died unexpectedly\n"}

According to the Oracle documentation below, the ORA-12805 error is the result of a known issue with Oracle Database 11.1, and can be resolved by upgrading, or the workaround noted in the documentation:

Additional Information

For more information on this and other common Oracle errors, please see the link below.
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