Tableau Reader Does Not Open Workbooks When They Are Double-Clicked

Published: 18 Jan 2016
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When a .twbx file is double-clicked (or right-click > open), Tableau Reader does not launch. 


  • Tableau Reader
  • Windows


Option 1

The more straightforward solution may be to uninstall and re-install Tableau Reader. You can download the installer for the latest version here

Option 2

  1. Right-click any Tableau packaged workbook (.twbx) in File Explorer
  2. Select Open with > Choose another app
  3. In the How do you want to open this file? dialog box, select the check box for Always use this app to open .twbx files.
    • Select Tableau Reader if it is available.
    • Otherwise, select More apps.
    • Look for Tableau Reader under Other options.
    • Selecting Tableau Reader and then OK should resolve the issue. If you can't find Tableau Reader in the list, go to Step 4
  4. Select Look for another app on this PC.
  5. In the Open with... dialog box, navigate to C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Reader <version>\bin\tabreader.exe and then click Open
  6. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 above
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