Tableau Prep License Key Error: This product key doesn't apply to Tableau Prep Builder

Published: 02 Jul 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When you try to activate Tableau Prep Builder using a license key that begins with "TP", the following error occurs: 
This product key doesn't apply to Tableau Prep Builder. Enter a different product key or contact your Customer Account representative. 

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  • Tableau Prep Builder 
  • All versions


  • Reach out to your Tableau Customer Portal Administrator for a new Tableau Creator Desktop key.
  • If a new Tableau Creator key is not available, contact your Tableau Account Manager for assistance.


Tableau product keys beginning with "TP" were issued to be used alongside the Tableau legacy Desktop keys starting with "TD".  All product keys beginning with "TP" have expired.
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