Tableau Prep Conductor Fails Connecting

Published: 17 Sep 2019
Last Modified Date: 18 Sep 2019


Running Tableau Prep flows that use published data sources as inputs may fail with this error message:
"Connectivity error. Unable to connect to the input connection "name of input connection".


  • Prep Conductor on 2019.3 Tableau Server
  • Published data sources


This behavior is caused by a known issue which is currently under investigation.

The following workaround is available:

Ask your admin to enable “Automatic Client Authentication” and set “refresh_token.max_count_per_user” to a value higher than “0”.


This may be due to one of the following circumstances:
  • An issue that occurs when the server administrator disables “Automatic Client Authentication” as explained here: Disable Automatic Client Authentication.
  • The same issue could also occur if the admin set the tsm configuration “refresh_token.max_count_per_user” to “0”. Details about tsm configuration set options can be found here:  tsm configuration set Options.
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