Tableau extract not refreshing when using WDC data source

Published: 14 Feb 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Tableau Server is unable to refresh extract from Web Data Connector data source.


  • Tableau Server
  • Web Data Connector


  1. Verify that the Web Data Connector (WDC) has been whitelisted with the tabadmin command:
  2. Verify that the Tableau Server computer can connect to the WDC, and any external links the WDC point to.
    • Install Tableau Desktop on the Tableau Server machine.
    • Connect to the WDC from Tableau Desktop and click Update now to pull in data.
    • In case of connection issues or very slow connection, run a Fiddler trace to troubleshoot.
  3. If using wildcards, and the above two options do not work, change the syntax of the wildcard value from "*" to "(.)*" (no quotation marks)


The Web Data Connector has not been whitelisted; or else the Tableau Server computer cannot connect to the API server linked to by the Web Data Connector.
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